The product experience begins while unpacking

A completely successful packaging does not serve only to protect the goods and their safe transport, but also determines the first impression that leaves your product to the customer. It is the result of detailed analysis and creative ideas of the entire team – and exactly the claim richter & heß stands for.

The company’s focus lies on packaging solutions made from corrugated cardboard as well as different containers from plastics, steel sheet or glass for industrial and hazardous goods. This range is supplemented by packaging tools.

Integrate packaging as a significant completion of your production chain. We are pleased to assist you as a competent partner.

Thanks to our widespread range we are able to serve our customers as quick as possible in case of need.

Thus we offer you individual and high-quality packaging solutions, also for industrial and hazardous goods, according DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.



We are National Champion, but the competition goes on! Your vote counts!

In the competition for the European Business Award, richter & heß Industrie- und Gefahrgutverpackungs GmbH was honoured as National Champion.

We see this as a great appreciation for the work of our company and are very grateful. At the same time it encourages us to reach the next stage in the competition. Vote for us.